Effective Tactics to Handle Pesky Toner Pirates


When it's time to order some toner, there is much more to think about than looking for the best available price. Sometimes, lower prices are used to scam companies into buying fake toner, cheap toner, or losing money in exchange for nothing at all. Here's how toner pirates may try to scam your business. 

Fake Toner

When toner pirates are trying to take your money, they may offer a lot of things in return. Great service, low prices, and top-notch toner are all promises that you are likely to hear. However, the toner that you receive may be much less than what you bargained for. The real toner that arrives may be fake toner, or it may be a lesser brand that is made to look like a top brand. The wrong toner can wreak havoc with your printers, and it can cost you money to repairs the printers and buy genuine toners to replace the fake. 

Old Toner

Sometimes, the toner that is purchased arrives... but it's out of date. Technically, the toner pirates never said the toner wasn't going to be in date, after all. This is actually used as an excuse by some toner pirates who knowingly sell old, dried-up toner for the price of in-date toner. Don't risk an unknown salesperson and the old toner that can be impossible actually to use.

No Toner 

Another common scam is to have toner pirates take your credit card information and charge it without ever actually delivering on the promise of toner. When your company is out of money and still has to buy toner, it's a bad situation that could have been avoided. Never trust that someone who calls on the phone with great offers on toner will deliver it. This well-known scam persists because companies continue to fall prey to it. Don't be one of those companies. 

If your company wants to avoid toner pirates, work with a company that is rooted in the community, and ready to sell you exactly what you pay for. Contact us today for your office needs, including toner. 

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