Finding a Partner with Managed Print Providers


Businesses need to think carefully about what services they are going to keep in-house and what services they are going to outsource. One option that can do wonders for a business is outsourcing printing to managed print services. At the same time, businesses need to take the time to find the right managed print partners. A recent survey showed that most organizations don’t know exactly how much money they spend on printing. Having a strong partner in managed print services can help an organization save both time and money.

Ask About Flexibility

In any managed print partnership, flexibility is going to matter. The point of having a strong print program is to help businesses save time and money. As the business grows, the printing needs are going to change. Therefore, make sure that any contract with a managed print services provider includes an option to add and remove devices when needed. The contract needs to provide a business with this flexibility.

Know the Current Costs

As mentioned above, most organizations do not know how much they are spending on printing. One of the significant benefits of finding a managed print services partner should be the addition of this transparency. When businesses receive an invoice from a managed print services provider, the invoice should provide all the details needed to help a business budget appropriately. Make sure this transparency is present.

Who is Going to Service the Devices

A significant majority of internal IT calls are related to copiers and printers. It is a good idea to take a look at the IT department’s history and figure out how many of the calls are related to copiers and printers. Managed print services might be able to help relieve the IT staff by handling a large number of calls related to devices. This will let the IT team focus on cybersecurity, where their services matter.

Rely on Da-Com for Digital Office Solutions

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