How Do You Know Managed Print is Working?


What's the difference between a good managed print plan and a bad one? Simple: the outcome! Here are a few simple ways to make sure your managed print is on the right track.

A Little Check-Up

Whether you've had managed print for a while now or you're just jumping in, one thing is clear: you'll want to be able to track your progress. The truth, though, is that this is easier said than done. Because managed print has so many elements and helps improve your business on so many fronts, it might not be immediately obvious just how well your solutions are working--and, as a result, you might underestimate the real value of managed print.

Luckily, there's an easy answer: just perform a little "check-up" for your business. Here's where to look!

#1: Are your print costs clear?

One of the biggest goals of managed print is to help you see where your money is going and why--that way, you can get print costs under control. If you can clearly see and understand every element of your budget, you're on the right track.

#2: Are your printers secure?

Secure printers are a sign of an effective managed print plan. When printers are safe, both online and in the physical world, that means you've implemented great solutions and are working toward an even safer tomorrow.

#3: Do you feel confident about your fleet?

If you can look at your business and confidently say that each machine is living up to its full potential, doing what you need it to do, and paying for itself, then managed print is working for you. Fleet management is a sign that you're able to identify "weak links" among your printers and prioritize your needs and goals.

So, is managed print working for you? Contact us today for help meeting these goals and more!

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