How Document Management Addresses Healthcare Industry Challenges


The healthcare industry has always faced staggering administrative costs, and newly-implemented compliance laws have upped the price tag considerably. By implementing electronic document management, the healthcare industry can substantially lower crushing costs and gain some other impressive benefits along the way.


The strategies for protecting paper-based patient records are few, and none of them are without flaws. Paper documents are at risk from flood, fire, and mold, and they can quickly go missing. They're also next-to-impossible to secure; bad actors can steal documents or copy information, and internal users may inadvertently access materials not meant for their viewing.

Document management addresses the problem of information security by eliminating the risks associated with paper.

  • Sophisticated backup and recovery solutions provide fail-safes, making documents available even if disaster strikes.
  • Password protection and other user-authentication protocols work together to keep unauthorized users from accessing, viewing, or printing protected information.
  • Tracking software provides detailed data showing who accessed, viewed, shared, printed, or changed patient records.


Paper-based record-keeping schemes are riddled with inefficiencies that can send operational costs through the roof. Here are just a few ways an electronic document management strategy addresses high costs.

  • Storage — Whether you're a small doctor's office or a hospital with an entire floor devoted to records, the more you grow, the more you're getting crowded out of your facility by paper. Document management stores records electronically, requiring virtually no space at all to house your critical records.
  • Printing — Paper-based systems require complex print infrastructures to keep fueling the system. Instead of diverting revenues toward nonessential printing, redirect those funds toward improving patient care with digital document management and print management services.

The Bottom Line

Spend less money. Improve patient care. Secure your records. Isn't it time to try a document management solution? Contact usat Da-Com to learn how today!

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