How to Identify and Avoid Toner Pirates


Toner scams are real. These scammers target businesses through toner. That's right, they  use your toner use against you. In fact, they're good at it. Toner fraud accounts for the loss of millions of dollars every year. Here's how to identify and avoid toner pirates.

Toner Fraud Methods

First of all, to protect yourself against toner bandits, you need to know their methods.

Scammers have been known to:

  • Use telemarketing to sell overpriced, cheap, or counterfeit toner cartridges
  • Send you an invoice for products you didn't order
  • Overcharge you for toner you have never received

These are just some of the methods these scammers use to bilk you by using your toner needs.

Identify Toner Pirates

Fortunately, you don't have to fall victim to these scams. If you can identify these pretend toner suppliers, you will be able to stop them in their tracks.

To identify toner scammers, be on the lookout for:

  • Company name that sounds suspicious- It's either unheard of or sounds similar to a reputable company
  • Drastically discounted prices or offers of free gifts for ordering
  • Caller asks to verify details like printer serial number or account number
  • Caller exhibits a sense of immediacy- tries to get you to buy right now
  • Invoice for toner you haven't purchased
  • Caller uses high-pressure tactics
  • Caller becomes evasive or demanding
  • Caller proves no proof of identity
  • Caller refuses to send anything in writing
  • Caller refuses to provide exact price

If you notice these warning signs, you're dealing with a scammer.

Avoid Toner Pirates

Once you identify  them, you can avoid them.

To avoid getting sucked in to a toner scam, take the following steps:

  • Train employees to never order toner from unsolicited calls
  • Appoint one person to order all office supplies
  • Refer all calls to the appointed person
  • Only do business with a reputable dealer
  • Never provide details like serial numbers or account numbers over the phone
  • Never accept deliveries of products you haven't ordered
  • Ask the caller for details that prove their identity
  • Know the contact person for your toner supplier
  • End the phone call and call your toner supplier

Ending Toner Scams

By taking these actions, you will end toner fraud targeting your business.

Contact us today so we can help you end toner fraud attacks on your business.

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