How to Make Toner Pirates Walk the Plank

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Have you heard of the infamous "toner pirates" lurking around your company? Do you know who these scammers are, what they look like, and how to get rid of them? Here's everything you need to know about toner pirates--and how to make sure they walk the plank!

Raising Your Spyglass

What does a toner pirate look like? Toner pirates wear many hats, so that spyglass needs to be raised and ready for just about anything. Luckily, you can always identify these scammers by their goal: getting you to pay for toner that is either low-quality or entirely nonexistent.

A toner pirate will do a little bit of background research to find out about your business and employees, and then they'll make a call claiming to be your provider. They'll have a pretty convincing story--maybe the price of toner is about to go up, or perhaps they've been authorized to offer you a special discount--but no matter what, the result is always the same. You'll end up scammed out of money or sensitive information, and you won't even have any good toner to show for it.

Manning the Cannons

So, what can you do to protect against toner pirates? Here are a few quick tips!

  • Use managed print solutions. Managed print is all about keeping you safe and informed. By helping you understand the ins and outs of your own print environment, your managed print provider will give you all the tools necessary to see through toner scams.

  • Be savvy. Keep yourself and your employees up-to-date on all the latest scams and what they look like. Don't let toner pirates catch you unawares!

  • Ask for a phone number. If you ask to follow-up, toner pirates will generally turn tail and run.

  • Don't pay for toner you didn't order. Instead, call the company and ask them to pick it up (which will reveal the scam).

Are you worried about toner pirates? Are you interested in managed print and other security solutions? Contact us today!

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