How Managed Print Assessments Work

Print management evaluation

What is a managed print assessment, and how does it work? These are two pretty big questions, and, as it turns out, the answers can be extremely helpful to your efficiency, your budget, and your business overall. So sit back, relax, and let us give you a crash-course in managed print assessments!

The Basics

The most important thing to know is that a managed print assessment is the first step in putting managed print services to work for you. Managed print services exist to make your life easier, taking all the stress out of printers, workflows, and budgets and allowing you to focus instead on what really matters. However, before any of that can begin, your managed print provider has to know what they've got to work with--and that's where the assessment comes in.

Here's how a managed print assessment works:

  1. Your print environment is mapped inside and out.
    Your print environment includes everything, from your devices to your processes--so it's important for your provider (and you!) to understand every unique characteristic. This can lead to all kinds of new insights; for example, you might learn that you have too many devices or that one of your processes is causing inefficiencies.
  2. Your printing habits are studied.
    Next, it's time for you and your provider to learn about your printing habits. Data collection tools will give you feedback on what you print and how often, which devices are most used, how much color you go through, and what your patterns are.
  3. Your costs will be analyzed.
    The final step in the print management analysis is to analyze your printing costs. This means maintenance, repairs, consumables, and device costs--every detail will help create a complete image of your spending.

Once a print management assessment is complete, it's time for you and your provider to start improving efficiency and cutting costs. Want to see for yourself? Contact us today!

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