How Paperless Pays Off in Distribution

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How Paperless Pays Off in Distribution 

Supply chain and distribution management is a complicated business. Cost reductions are rare, and external fluctuations can put entire companies underwater. 

Document management is a resource that can drastically improve the efficiency of a company, one of the only aspects that can still adapt to cost structures internally. Think about it – as you're using data, labels, slips, contracts, and other documents, there are more efficient ways to process those materials. 

What Does a Paperless Office Look Like?

In distribution, a paperless office integrates a comprehensive document management system. Data is completely and accurately captured and relayed, approvals are timely, specialized outputs are seamless, and all documents are stored and accessable at any time.

Also, don't overlook security. With document management, you can set up password protection that allows access to locked and confidential files, so that your online security is miles ahead of where your hard copy file security was.

The office will look the same, but with more space available (thanks to electronic storage), more streamlined processes, fewer equipment needs, and better technology.

How Does it Help My Business?

The benefits are global for businesses, touching all departments and operations by saving time and money while improving processes and efficiency. There's a reason why most companies are paperless today, and that's because productivity benefits and time management improvements make running a cost-fluctuating company much more manageable. 

In distribution and supply management, if you can improve efficiency using a new, simple system, why wouldn't you take advantage of the technology?

Is Document Management Right for My Business?

Da-Com knows document management, and the team can help get you information to decide if it's right for you. Da-Com experts are on hand to help with tons of digital office knowledge and experience. On the fence about document management? Let's talk.

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