How a Print Audit Saves Money


Have you recently taken stock of your print environment? Some companies have a regular process to check in with print, but some rarely take a look at what it costs your company. That could be a bigger deal than you think.

Print audits can save almost 3% of your company's revenue by finding inefficiencies and high print costs that can be dramatically reduced. How is this possible? Read on!

Print Audits Explained

A print audit is an overview of all your print equipment, supplies, ordering, repairs, and any other products or processes that are part of printing for your company. The print audit considers everything and brings together an overall cost understanding and estimation of possible cost reduction.

The print audit is the most critical step in managed print because it identifies opportunities for savings. It's not the best use of any executive's time to be looking at your print environment, but if it can save your company money, it's worth having a trusted vendor take it on.

The Larger Managed Print Process

The print audit is the first step of the managed print process. After completing the audit, the service will identify ways that you can save on print and help you instigate those changes. Mostly, it's building more efficient processes and better systems, in addition to not overlapping on supply or repair coordination.

The print audit is the first step to savings, but the resulting changes can save your business more money than you might think.

Savings Across the Board

There is almost no way not to save money on managed print – especially because our print spending often outpaces what we even imagine. Managed print starts here, today, with Da-Com Digital Office Solutions.

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