How Print Audits Cut Major Business Costs

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Overseeing a print fleet can be pretty work intensive and costly. Also, there may not be one centralized system in your business - different departments often oversee different aspects of the print environment, making it hard to review costs, set a budget, and streamline effort and time put in to print management.

Luckily, managed print can overcome these challenges and really get your print budget back on track. In fact, InfoTrends recently reported that businesses can cut print spending by 30% by switching to managed print services.

What are the real benefits of managed print? We dove into a few of the most popular features below.

Print Audits are the Star of Managed Print

The biggest benefit of managed print to your business is the print audit.

A print audit is the process where your managed print service evaluates current print use, print needs, print necessities, and office policies and spending. Then, this data is used to develop a plan and budget that makes sense for your organization, meets your needs, and saves money.

Change Your Print Environment for Success

Managed print teams have tons of experience taking a print environment from chaotic to productive.

Here are the top print changes that you can make with managed print

  • Streamline supply ordering
  • Organize maintenance request processes
  • Improve print policies
  • Eliminate over-printing or personal printing
  • Encourage employee productivity through print efficiency
  • Save money on supplies, maintenance, and employee time using the above adaptations.

Time to Make a Jump

It’s time to save money on printing and streamline the process. Why wait any longer? Your print environment needs to make sense. With managed print, you’ll get a handle on supply and maintenance and serious budget and processes oversight. Let’s talk – contact Da-Com.

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