Improve Sustainability with Simple Office Solutions

drinking water

 You know it's essential in today's world that all organizations consider ways to lessen their environmental impact. Sometimes it can be daunting, but there are some solutions that are easy, fast, and help everyone in the office while improving sustainability.

Finding a better office water filtration system is one of those quick fixes that really matter.

How Bottled Water Adds Up

We all know how plastic bottles of water start to add up, but if you've every wondered, take a look at the trash at the end of the day (or hopefully, the recycling!). It's likely the volume of bottles fills most of it. It adds up in volume of trash or recycling, in cost, and in use of plastic at the office.

Luckily, these are issues that can all be addressed with the right tool - a water filtration system.

Easy Ways to Reduce Water Costs

Cut back on how much you spend on water and how wasteful plastic bottles are by trying out the following fixes.

Client filtration systems - install your own system at work so all employees have access to filtered water on demand.

Stop purchasing single-use plastic bottles - don't make the single use plastics available, and people will use considerably less.

Provide reusable water bottles for employees - provide all employees with a company water bottle and even offer a reward for using it!

Sustainable and Sensible

The best answers help the bottom line and help the planet, the company, and employees. This fix is that simple and beneficial. Time to make the shift! Let's talk.

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