Industry Secrets for Avoiding Toner Pirates


Toner pirates are a common occurrence in today’s world of scams and convenience, which is why it’s a good reminder to check in with your teams about how to spot a scam. Toner pirates know that no one wants to deal with issues like print toner, so they send fake invoices and create monthly payments for products you never receive.

To avoid toner pirates, awareness is critical, but also having a good relationship with your print supply company who can stop a scam before it starts.

How to See a Scam

Most issues occur on the phone when scam artists place fraudulent ‘orders’ via phone. For example, a few years ago, over 20 people were charged in a telemarketing scam targeting small businesses and charities, and the total paid to the company equaled $126 million. People get conned, and you don’t want it to happen to you.

First of all, you may have a call that is a ‘survey’ or customer service contact, but it’s a company you don’t work with. Often, you’ll receive an invoice out of the blue, or you may order one toner cartridge at a good price but then receive a large pack with an inflated price.

Often, the supplies don’t work with your machines or are faulty in several ways.

Secure Your Business

Working with a managed print provider eliminates hassles, fraud, and other problems that can arise. With your managed print vendor or regular supplier, you’ll have a single point of contact that you know and trust to provide the products you need with transparent pricing.

Build Positive Partnerships

To avoid print scams, having a vendor partner you can trust is vital. Then, you’ll know your products and your supplier. Looking for a trusted vendor? Reach out to Da-Com Digital Office Solutions to get started.

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