The Key to Multifunction Printer Maintenance


If you have a multifunction printer--or any printer or copier at all, in fact--you may be worried about maintenance. It's a valid concern; after all, these machines are a significant investment and an important part of your workflow, so letting them go offline for even a few hours can be a big deal. Luckily, there's a key to multifunction printer maintenance--and it's simpler than you might think.

What a Multifunction Printer Wants

A multifunction printer is by no means a "needy" piece of technology. It's powerful, capable, and efficient, and one of its biggest selling points is that it doesn't need much work on your part to remain functional. However, like any device, your multifunction printer will need maintenance over the course of its lifespan--and there's one thing that can make that maintenance a whole lot easier.

The key is regularity.

Let's take a look at two example companies--one that doesn't perform regular multifunction printer maintenance and one that does--to see the difference this single approach can make.

Company A: Infrequent maintenance

Company A only maintains their multifunction printer when absolutely necessary. Their maintenance routine often takes several hours because they have a lot to catch up on, which creates a lot of downtime. Although they do care for their machine, they still face several issues:

  • paper jams,
  • blockages,
  • low print quality,
  • dust on the glass,
  • impacted printer lifespan,
  • and more.

Company B: Regular maintenance

Company B, on the other hand, performs a quick maintenance routine every few weeks. They clean, check and update the printer during these "maintenance moments," which only interrupt workflows for minutes instead of hours. They also face far fewer print problems because maintenance issues don't have time to build up and turn into catastrophes. Downtime is reduced, print jobs turn out better, and every multifunction printer has a healthy lifespan.


Although maintenance in any amount is better than no maintenance at all, the true key to taking care of a multifunction printer is regularity. Perform a few maintenance tasks once a week, and you'll find that your machines--and your employees--are happier and more efficient than ever.

Want to learn more about multifunction printer maintenance? Worried you're more like Company A than Company B? Contact us today for all the help you need!

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