Managed Network Services: Cloud vs. In-house Storage

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Although the cloud isn't necessarily new technology anymore, it does still raise some very fair questions--especially about security. Most companies are wary about putting their data in someone else's hands, and for good reason. That's why we're taking today to compare cloud storage vs. in-house storage, all from the trusted "managed network services perspective."

Powerful Perspectives

Managed network services is a solution that allows you to outsource your network responsibilities, allowing you to choose a trustworthy provider who will answer questions, solve problems, and boost security--so naturally, this perspective can be useful for analyzing your data options. It all comes down to you and your company. Because every business has its own unique needs, outsourced solutions might not be right for everyone; the most important thing is that you do your research first and remember to look at things from multiple perspectives.

Cloud or In-house?

Let's take a look at both of your options for data storage--cloud and in-house--from the managed network services perspective. This means there will be a focus on things like security, cost, and efficiency--and, as always, how well any given solution works for you.

Cloud Storage

Pros: Cloud storage is fast, inexpensive, and scaled to fit your needs, growing with you and never demanding that you buy pricey hardware. It also provides plenty of backup options.

Cons: Because cloud storage is Internet-based, you're limited by the speed and reliability of your connection--and there are some cases where third-party companies can access your information.

In-house Storage

Pros: With in-house storage, you maintain control every step of the way, controlling exactly who can see your data and when; costs may also be lower depending on your needs.

Cons: The other side of the coin is that in-house storage requires you to buy and maintain hardware, can be difficult to back up, and offers no guarantees for what happens during downtime.

The managed network services perspective helps you choose what's best for your business. If you still have questions or want more data solutions, contact us today!

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