Managed Network Tips: Avoiding Common Cyberattacks

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Security isn't always easy. It's a challenge that never rests and never stays the same for more than a day, always demanding that you grow and change just to keep up with clever cyberattacks that get more sophisticated by the minute. Luckily, with a little help from managed network services, security can be a little easier thanks to these helpful tips.

Safe Network, Save Business

In a lot of ways, your network is at the heart of everything you do--so it makes sense that you want only the best for network security. That's where managed network services comes in. It's not just about outsourcing some of your biggest responsibilities and stresses--it's also about choosing and implementing some powerful ideals to help drive security processes throughout your business. Managed network services makes it easier than ever to take control of your security, and the first step is easy enough: you've just got to do a little research on common cyberattacks and how to avoid them.

Let's get started!

#1: Former Employee Attack

Although you hope you'll part on good terms with most employees, there's always a risk if former workers still have access to your network. Eliminate this vulnerability by implementing the correct exit procedures and cutting off network access for ex-employees.

#2: Password Attack

If your passwords are weak, easy to guess, or something simple that could be found in a dictionary, you have a serious security problem. Hackers are experts at identifying common passwords, and they even have software that will cycle through thousands of guesses in an attempt to break in--so make sure your passwords are strong and secure.

#3: Malware Attack

Malware is a pretty common threat, coming in all shapes and sizes--from Trojan horses to ransomware. The good news is that antivirus software and employee training makes it easy to dodge these bullets.

Managed network services makes it easier than ever to protect what matters. To see for yourself, contact us today!

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