Managed Network Tips: How to Defend Against Cybercrime


Although you have to focus on a lot of different things to make sure your company runs smoothly and safely, one thing you can never afford to overlook is cybercrime. In a world where digital threats are always advancing, it's important to know how to defend your business--and that's where managed network services comes in.

Staying Safe in a Digital World

Technology is always growing and changing, and while that can be a truly great thing, it also, unfortunately, opens the way for cyber-criminals to find new ways of infiltrating your company's systems and hurting your business, your budget, and your reputation. Luckily, managed network services makes it easy and painless to focus on security that will keep you safe even in a world of ever-changing threats. This is because, while other solutions might focus on one specific issue at a time, managed network services treats your company as a unique whole and helps you find ways to streamline, strengthen, and protect your processes.

Get Started Today

Not sure how managed network services can do all this and more? Here are a few tips you can work on today that will prove just how helpful managed network services can be.

  • #1: Be password-savvy.

Passwords seem like a basic security step, but it's important to use them properly. Remember never to reuse or share passwords, never leave them lying around, and change them regularly.

  • #2: Keep an eye on Wi-Fi.

If you have a guest network, make sure it's always separate from your employees' network. Otherwise, someone could use your guest Wi-Fi to access your internal processes and programs.

  • #3: Never pass up an update.

Updating regularly is a simple but crucial way to protect what matters. The longer you put off an update, the higher the chance that cyber-criminals will exploit a weakness in your software or machines.

Managed network tips can help you defend against cybercrime starting today. Contact us to get started!

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