Managed Print and Document Services for Controlling Today's - - and Tomorrow's - - Information Costs

Unmanaged Information Explosion: Costs and Impact

By 2020 IDC predicts the amount of digital information will grow by a factor of 30, the number of files, by a factor of 60, but the number of IT professionals in the world will only grow by a factor of 1.4. Driving this information explosion is the Web, social media, and mobile device usage (smartphones, tablet PCs, netbooks, etc), which enable the creation and dissemination of content. Meanwhile, average file sizes get smaller due to the growth of embedded systems in everything from smart grid to logistics item tracking, as the number of things to manage grows twice as fast as the total number of available gigabytes. While CIOs, IT executives, and line-of-business managers ponder the ramifications of these trends, they can’t forget the more immediate and worrisome challenges currently heaped on their plates.

Creating, finding, organizing, and analyzing information is crucial to maintaining the health and well being of business. Making good business decisions and gaining a better understanding of customers and business conditions requires monitoring, analyzing, and disseminating information from a large array of internal and external sources including employees, media, customers, shareholders, and social media such as blogs, wikis, etc. Accordingly, worker communication has expanded beyond email to incorporate collaborative and social networks such as instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook, etc., further depleting concentrated productivity time each day. 

The inadequacies of the tasks associated with these activities are consuming increasing amounts of employees’ time each day and negatively impacting the bottom line. IDC surveys find that the time spent searching for information averages 8.8 hours per week, at a cost of $14,209 per knowledge worker per year. Analyzing information consumed an additional 8.1 hours, costing organizations $13,078 annually. Furthermore, an organization employing 1,000 knowledge workers loses nearly $6 million annually in time wasted when employees reformat information as they move between applications.

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