Managed Print for Higher Education

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Colleges and universities have a lot of responsibility. In order to maintain precise, efficient educational environments, they have to find creative new ways of sharing information and storing data--even across multiple buildings and locations. How do they get the job done? With managed print, of course!

Getting an A+ with Managed Print

Higher education involves a lot of printing. Since most campuses are fairly spread out and are generally split into separate departments, there needs to be one clear, concise way for everyone to communicate--and that's where managed print comes in. By streamlining workflows, implementing processes that stay consistent across all locations and departments, and encouraging good print habits (like using color only when necessary), managed print makes it possible for colleges and universities to get an A+ on their print jobs.

Here are a few more things that managed print brings to the learning environment!

  • Mobile-friendliness. Today's staff and students are using mobile devices for just about everything, and managed print helps colleges take advantage of that by implementing mobile print solutions. No one will be anchored to their desks anymore--all it takes is a few clicks, and documents go straight to the printer from anywhere.
  • Clarity. When communication is a mess, it can be difficult to teach and to learn. Managed print helps colleges and universities get the right information into the right hands without any extra steps, meaning that it's easier than ever to stay flexible and make the grade.
  • Security. Colleges and universities handle a lot of personal data. To keep that information safe, managed print helps make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to print security, network safety, and good filing habits.

Managed print is a great fit for higher education. What can it do for your business? Contact us today to find out!

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