The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Managed Print Services


Managed Print Services can sound like a term that is both direct and elusive at the same time. Managed Print Services (also called MPS) are services that help build efficiency of documentation for your business, below is a brief guide on understanding the most commonly asked questions about MPS. 

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services are services provided by a third party that can optimize your print environment by maintaining the hardware that processes your documents. This can extend to your printer, fax machine, and copier. These services can cut costs by observed management and also catch issues that may come up with your machines preemptively. 

Is this Service Secure?

Many printers, copiers, and other document machines are connected to the internet and are susceptible to cyber-attacks. It is possible that you have already instituted authentication and password protection, but it still leaves your devices open to data leaks. It is important to keep your device and network clean of threats and have a clear action plan to prevent data breaches. Managed Print Services also protects your devices that hold important documentation from hackers and other communication malfunctions that can occur by providing security patches and assessments of your device vulnerability. 

Is Managed Print Services only for Large Companies?

On the contrary, the smaller your company is, the more likely your documentation is concentrated on a few devices. These devices are susceptible to hacking and their maintenance may be a service that can be outsourced, so you can focus on more important issues. Our service can help all types of companies, large and small to manage their printer fleet. 

How are Support Issues Handled with Managed Print Services?

Some of the common issues that arise with Managed Print Services are hardware, password, and general equipment maintenance. Our services offer a combination of support options that you can utilize should you encounter an on-site, remote, or hardware update issue. 

Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can remote monitoring, security, performance assurance, and more. All of this will ease your workflow to allow for more streamlined and updated processing for your business. 

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