Multifunction Printer Tips: Recommended Volume vs. Maximum Duty Cycle


When it comes to your multifunction printer, there are a few essential measurements that will help you keep it working efficiently, reliably, and for as long as possible. However, those measurements have names that all start to sound the same--so let's take a closer look at recommended monthly print volume vs. maximum print duty cycle and why they're so important!

Monumental Measurements

There are all kinds of ways to take care of your multifunction printer, but perhaps the most important is understanding what it's capable of--and what it's not capable of. Pushing your printer too hard can create long-term issues that will force you to buy a new machine long before you're ready, so it's best to have a couple of measurements to help you create a range for healthy, happy printing habits.

Here are the two most important measurements and why they're both important!

Recommended Monthly Print Volume

The recommended monthly print volume is just what it sounds like: a suggestion for how many pages your printer can comfortably, reliably handle in a single month. Now, this isn't pushing your printer to the extreme, but it's a range that should keep the machine operating at ideal levels for years to come.

Maximum Print Duty Cycle

The maximum print duty cycle describes your multifunction printer's absolute limits. Duty cycles are determined by the manufacturer, who uses a stress test to see how many tasks, applications, and print jobs it takes for the machine to give up. It's a helpful measurement because it shows you what your multifunction printer is capable of, but remember, it's not good for your machine's longevity to continually push it to its limits.

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