Multifunction Printer Tips: What Can Scanning Do for You?


Multifunction printers combine some of the most efficient features in the business world. They can print, copy, and fax--but, perhaps most importantly, they can scan. What's so important about scanning? Well, the truth is that scanning can be like a "secret weapon" for your workflows, your budget, and your efficiency--and it's all right there at your fingertips.

Don't Forget to Scan!

When you have a multifunction printer, it's absolutely crucial that you learn the device inside and out so that you don't let a single feature go to waste. After all, these machines were designed to help boost your efficiency in a thousand ways, both big and small--so every detail that you overlook is a missed opportunity to maximize productivity. Luckily, it's not difficult to learn your multifunction printer's secrets--and one great example is scanning. It might seem simple, but scanning can actually be a huge benefit to your business.

So, what can scanning do for you?

  • Create different file formats.

Scanning is such a great tool because it can help you in multiple different situations. For example, no matter what file format the job calls for, scanning can help you create it--and that means no more time wasted trying to convert a file from one format to another!

  • Scan directly to email.

When you connect your multifunction printer to all the right places, it can communicate with your email--which means that you can scan a document like normal and then turn it into an attachment. How's that for streamlining communication?

  • Go green.

When you use scanning to turn your physical files into digital documents, you're taking a huge step toward a greener workflow. Plus, with the scanning features offered by your multifunction printer, it's quick and easy to get scanned documents right where they need to go--even to a user's desktop.

Your multifunction printer has all kinds of features just waiting to be utilized, and scanning is only one of them. Want more tips like these? Contact us today!

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