Multifunction Printers: DIY Troubleshooting


Having printer trouble? Don't reach for the phone just yet--here are a few ways to troubleshoot your own tech emergencies before calling in the IT experts.

When Good Printers Go Bad

Multifunction printers have a sparkly reputation, but even they aren't perfect. Luckily, you don't necessarily have to call in the big guns every time there's an issue. Here are a few common printer problems and how to solve them on your own!

#1: Low-quality scans

Low-quality scans are often the result of dirt or debris on the glass. Carefully open up the machine, locate the glass, and give it a little TLC. Your printer--and your scans--will thank you.

#2: Paper jams

Most multifunction printers will actually walk you through a paper jam if you're willing to roll up your sleeves. Look for instructions on the screen and begin by opening the printer door. You should be able to locate and remove the jammed paper without too much trouble.

#3: Tray issues

If your multifunction printer insists you're using the wrong paper even though you're definitely not, the tray is likely to blame. Try adjusting the paper guides, opening and closing the tray, and repositioning the paper.

#4: Lost prints

Have you ever hit "print" only to see absolutely nothing happening? First, make sure you're connected to the right printer. Next, check to make sure your print job isn't stuck "in line" behind other print jobs. Finally, check your network connection to be sure your device is communicating correctly with your printer.

#5: Miscellaneous misery

If your multifunction printers just won't behave, try the old fallback: reboot the machine. This is a simple solution, but as anyone who's ever worked with tech can attest, it often works wonders.

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