Multifunction Printers & More: What's Right for Small Businesses?


When it comes to printing needs, no two companies are exactly alike--and that's especially true for small businesses. A small business's printing needs might look different from one day to the next, or even from one minute to the next! To help you go with the flow and find a machine that's just what you need, here's a closer look at multifunction printers and their helpful brothers and sisters.

The Printer Family

If printers are like a family, then multifunction printers are the baby of the bunch. Their siblings, laser and inkjet printers, are probably more familiar to you--and the truth is that they might still be the best fit for your business. However, it's important to look at the whole family before deciding which printer is right for you.


If you print mostly text and you're looking for a machine that can handle high volumes, a laser printer might be a good fit. However, since they use toner, they can be a bit more expensive to supply and maintain.


Are you looking to print in bright colors? Inkjet printers have your back. They tend to be smaller than laser or multifunction printers, which makes them nifty for tight spaces, but they also don't perform quite as well as their siblings.


Enter the new favorite of the family: multifunction printers. These machines are the "best of both worlds" in that they can create both text and photographic prints in high speed and high volume--not to mention copying, scanning, and faxing capabilities too. They come with a host of different features depending on your needs and price point, making them an easy standout.

So, what's right for your business: laser, inkjet, or multifunction printers? Contact us today for help deciding!

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