Multifunction Printers: What is Printer Duty Cycle?


You may not have known that multifunction printers have their specialized language; after all, for the most part, the only thing you need to do is hit "print." However, when it comes to your printer's efficiency and reliability, there's one term you'll want to memorize: printer duty cycle.


Whether you're shopping for new multifunction printers or looking for ways to keep your current machine in tip-top shape, one term--printer duty cycle--is about to become your new best friend. Here are a few FAQs to get you started!

  • "What does it mean?"

    Print duty cycle is a measurement of how many prints your machine is capable of over the course of one month. This number doesn't take any details into account, like paper type or weight, environmental conditions, or user error, but it is a reflection of how well a model can perform under high stress.

  • "Why is it important?"

    The truth is that while printer duty cycles may not show you the whole picture, they certainly give you a good idea of your machine's upper limits. In some ways, they even help you understand how much you can expect from your multifunction printer throughout its lifetime.

  • "Should I use it when buying new printers?"

    The printer duty cycle isn't the only thing you should consider when shopping for a new machine, but it should be on your radar. Remember, it's not a measurement of how much a printer can reasonably do in one month; it's a measurement of the most a printer can do in one month.

  • "Should I use it when maintaining my devices?"

    You can use printer duty cycles to make sure you aren't overtaxing your multifunction device. By staying well underneath this number, you know that you're treating your machine well and can continue relying on it for years to come.

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