No Matter How Big or Small, Your Business Needs Managed Print


The high cost of printing just seems to go up and up, and for many companies, it soon gets out of control. To pay less per printed page, there is managed print. With managed print services, the way printing is handled in your office is changed to a better, more efficient system.

Reduced Printing

With so much printing going on, it's easy to see why printing costs so easily get out of hand. At the office, there is little incentive not to print, so many people print out everything automatically, just in case they may need a hard copy later. This drives up quite an expense, and it's completely unnecessary. With managed print services, there is accountability for everyone who uses the printers. With everyone's numbers being tallied, it soon becomes clear that unnecessary printing was happening, and workers print less often to keep their numbers under control.


There is a great need for data security today for businesses of every size. One of the best ways to stay secure is to make sure that each device is secure, and that includes the printers. With managed print services, the initial assessment will let you know whether any of the printers you are using have security flaws or simply have outdated security measures. For many older printer models, the best way to deal with them is to replace them with more secure models. The assessment will root out these machines and deliver these recommendations. 

Restocking the Fleet

One of the more expensive parts of printer maintenance is the restocking of supplies like ink and paper. The price of these can be kept lower with lower printer volume, but the items still have to be ordered. When a printer runs dry, workers can't get all of their printing tasks completed, and this hurts productivity. With managed print services, you can have everything you need for your machines when it's needed. That means no money wasted on ordering the wrong thing and no wasted productivity from a printer is down.  

If your business large or small is ready for managed print services, call us today to find out how to get started. 

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