Printer Security 101


Does the security and integrity of your printer matter to you? If your answer to that question was “I don’t know,” its time to learn more.

Cybersecurity is a huge concern for any industry and any size business. And that doesn’t just mean passwords or network security – it means printer security too. Protecting your business means protecting your data from all angles now, so don’t leave your printer out of that equation.

Security in a Digital Age

Today’s office has more digital risks than ever before. You want to know what the risks are while ensuring that you’re doing everything you can to take care of them. That’s where printer security comes in.

What can you do to secure your multifunction printer? First of all, if your printer is old, it may be the easiest thing to upgrade first.

Then, examine all security features with your vendor partner. From there, you can take to a checklist of what you need to stay ahead of attackers.

Top Tips for Starting Out

Print security is easy to start, simple to keep going, and pretty self-explanatory, as long as you have a reliable print vendor.

To get going, be sure you consider the following tips:

  • Password protect your documents
  • Follow the print process
  • Wipe your hard drive
  • Examine the data route
  • Check for vulnerabilities
  • Work with the pros

Who to Work With

This is challenging – when building out your security solutions, you need to ensure that you’ve partnered with the right team. Luckily, at Da-Com, we’ve had it right from the beginning, and have spent time refining and perfecting our processes, so they are simple for you. Call us today.

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