Printer Smackdown: Standalone vs. Multifunction Printers


When it comes to winning a spot in your fleet, two machines are in the ring: standalone and multifunction printers. Read on to see which one comes out on top!

Meet the Printers

Before we see this printer smackdown in action, let's get up close and personal with the competitors.

Standalone printers

Standalone printers are your garden-variety office device. They do one thing--printing--, and they do it well. They can usually connect to computers and occasionally mobile devices, but they don't always offer support of advanced applications or software.

Multifunction printers

Multifunction printers, on the other hand, do a little bit of everything. They copy, they scan, they fax, and yes--they even print! With connectivity that talks to all your favorite devices and built-in security features to protect your data, multifunction printers pose some serious competition for their standalone counterparts.

Is Multifunction Really Better?

As both printer types enter the ring, the competition begins--and you're the judge. Here are a few things to consider when deciding if a multifunction printer is right for you or if a standalone is the way to go.

  • Round 1: Efficiency

Multifunction printers are your one-stop office device. They can help you complete an entire job, including sending it to your email, without taking a single step. Standalone printers, on the other hand, are great for printing--but if you need anything else, you'll have to head to another machine.

  • Round 2: Space

If you have very limited space, a standalone desktop printer may be your best friend--as long as you don't need room for individual scanners, fax machines, and copy machines as well. Multifunction printers tend to be bigger, meaning they might be a better fit for companies with more space.

  • Round 3: Budget

Standalone printers are cheaper to buy but more expensive to use, while multifunction printers have a bigger price tag but lower costs per printed page. It all depends on how much you use the machine and what kind of jobs you need to complete.

In conclusion, the winner of this printer smackdown is entirely up to you. Would you rather print, scan, fax, and copy in one place with a multifunction printer, or would you rather save space and upfront costs with a standalone device?

If you want to learn more about multifunction printers or need help choosing a winner, contact us today!

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