Printing the Smart Way: Why Upgrade?


For many companies, the idea of a printer upgrade isn't just time-consuming and potentially expensive--it's also frustrating. Why learn an entirely new set of processes and rules just to accommodate a shiny new machine? Today we'll answer these questions and more so that you can keep printing the smart way.

Prioritizing Your Printers

Be honest: how often do you actually pay attention to the needs of your office printers? Chances are, you only think about these machines when they're not doing their jobs properly--and that's not a bad thing. You shouldn't have to be constantly worrying about your printing processes. Unfortunately, when it comes to outdated machines, you might be doing exactly that--maybe without even realizing it. For example, do you worry about the rising costs associated with your printer? Do you find yourself wishing you could create higher-quality documents or rely on more advanced security features? The truth is that putting off a printer upgrade can constantly stress you out.

The solution? Find an efficient, cost-effective upgrade and ditch the machine that's worrying you! You'll immediately start enjoying these benefits:


The truth is that newer machines are just more efficient. They were designed to make better use of energy and consumables--and that's not to mention the improved finishing options and security features that make them the edge over their outdated predecessors.


Older printers gradually begin to decline in terms of quality. They start creating grainy, smudged, or ruined documents--but when you upgrade, you're guaranteed professional quality every time you hit "print."


Let's face it: old printers are difficult and expensive to maintain. If you choose to upgrade, you'll enjoy a newer, more reliable machine that fails less often and requires less exhaustive (and less expensive!) maintenance.

So, what are you waiting for? Ready to upgrade and start printing the smart way? Contact us today!

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