Reducing Waste with Managed Print


Reducing waste is one of the important goals held by many businesses right now. It's good not just for the environment but also for employee morale. Workers want to know that they're making a difference, and with managed print services, they can get closer to that goal.

Monitored Office Printing

One of the ways that managed print services can help you to reduce waste is by reducing the amount of printing that is going on. By monitoring the printer fleet and keeping track of printer usage, each worker's printer numbers will be available. This usually results in less printing, as workers are now accountable for just how much they print. It curbs all of those unnecessary print jobs and brings down the cost of printing in the office. And with the lower cost comes less need for paper and ink, and that means less waste.

Digital Storage

As your company transitions into managed print services, everyone in the office may be printing less. This encourages employees to keep their documents in digital form rather than printing them out simply out of habit. With more files in digital form, there is less paper and ink wasted. There is also less waste in the form of extra office space needed to handle the large files of papers.

Keeping Printers Running

Part of managed print services is an assessment of the printers in your fleet and maintenance for all of them that will remain in the office. If any older printers are recommended for removal, be sure to recycle them. For the printers that will stay in the fleet, keep them running longer with the regular maintenance appointments recommended by your managed print provider. This maintenance will keep you from having to buy new printers to replace ones in bad condition, lowering the amount of waste to come out of your office.

If your company is interested in reducing its amount of waste through managed print services, call us today to find out how to get started. We can help your office to print less and have less machinery and paper to throw out every year.

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