Ricoh Announces Realignment of Production Print Business, Emphasizing Importance of High-End Print Markent

<p><strong>West Caldwell, NJ, April 4, 2011 - </strong>Ricoh Company, Ltd. announced today the realignment of its production print resources with the formation of Ricoh Production Print</p> <p>Solutions (RPPS), incorporating InfoPrint Solutions and the Ricoh Production Printing Business Group’s marketing and planning resources from Japan. The organization will provide a more effective and efficient approach to this highly competitive marketplace.</p> <p>These changes are being implemented with the objective of streamlining processes, operations and organizations within the Ricoh Family Group of Companies, including InfoPrint Solutions which will operate as RPPS. The new business model will deliver greater customer value by bringing together Ricoh resources to develop, market and support industry leading end-to-end solutions for production customers.</p> <!--break--> <p>RPPS will be headquartered in the United States – the world’s largest production print marketplace – and co-located in West Caldwell, New Jersey, with Ricoh Americas Corporation.</p> <p>”The decision to locate the headquarters of RPPS in the United States is an indication of how important this market is for future success,” said Shiro Kondo, President &amp; CEO, Ricoh Company, Ltd. “This is a clear indication of our desire to increase our marketplace penetration in the US and around the world. We fully expect to see the positive results of this in the coming months and years,” he said.</p> <p>A key component of RPPS will be its business line management function which will provide customers with faster marketplace response time, longer-term portfolio management, education and marketing support globally, and tighter communications between geography sales requirements and product and solutions development. Additionally, through the newly combined and streamlined organization, Ricoh will be able to achieve broader and more</p> <p>seamless sales coverage and maintenance support for existing and prospective customers around the world.</p> <p>RPPS will report to Ricoh’s Production Printing Business Group (PPBG), Tokyo, Japan.</p> <p>“One of the most important initiatives in our short and long term business plans is to grow our production print business in a meaningful and valuable way across the globe,” said Shiro(Simon) Sasaki, former Chairman and CEO, Ricoh Europe Plc, and newly appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, RPPS, and Executive Vice President and General Manager of Ricoh’s PPBG. “The realignment of our considerable production print assets around the world means that we now have -- working together in a seamless way -- the most powerful collection of people, production solutions and geographic sales and support coverage in the industry. We are looking forward to bringing the benefits of this realigned organization to our current and future customers.”</p> <p>Daisuke Segawa has been named President and Chief Operating Officer, RPPS, and</p> <p>Corporate Vice President, Deputy General Manager, PPBG.</p>

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