Spotting Toner Pirates on the Horizon


If spotting modern-day scams were as easy as spotting an enemy pirate ship on the horizon, you'd never have to worry about your company's security again--but the unfortunate truth is that toner pirates are a little savvier and a little more subtle than their peg-legged counterparts. Here are a few ways to spot toner pirates before your company takes fire!

Red Flags

Toner pirates are scammers who will try to use specific, toner-based techniques to get sensitive information or money from your employees. This often involves fraudulent phone calls where they pretend to be your provider and ask questions about your printers, supplies, and even your team members' names. The problem is that these toner pirates are clever--they do their research so that, at first glance, they seem reliable.

The good news is that there are ways to protect yourself. With solutions like print management, you can keep close control of your orders, supplies, and even printing habits and needs--that way, you always know what should be going on and what shouldn't. This type of transparency makes a toner pirate's job a lot more difficult.

In the meantime, here are a few red flags that will identify a toner pirate before they have time to make off with the plunder:

They pressure you.

High-stress phone calls are a favorite in the toner pirate repertoire. They will try to pressure you by saying that prices are about to go up--and they might even turn to threats.

They ask the wrong questions.

Toner pirates might have your provider's name, but that doesn't mean they walk the walk. If a caller asks for information that your provider should already know, like the make and model of your printers, you know something's up.

They won't reveal themselves.

Ask a toner pirate for a name, phone number, or your company's order number and date, and they'll almost certainly scramble for dodgy answers. Don't let them get away with it!

If you're worried that toner pirates have their spyglass pointed at your company, it might be time to check out print management. Contact us today for help fending off boarders!

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