Staying Protected Against Toner Pirates


Every business with a copier will need toner, and that toner is an important part of getting business done. With toner being so vital to the office, it's important to avoid the toner pirates that can swindle your company and leave you without what you paid for. 

Not Getting Toner

There are some toner pirates that either call or show up to the office to sell their toner. They may even have a business card in hand. When they sell you toner, don't hold your breath waiting for it. It may never show up. With this scam, they keep putting you off and making excuses for the toner that never comes. Or, they may actually have given you a fake phone number and leave you with no way to contact them at all. In either case, you're not getting the toner you ordered and will have to buy it again elsewhere.

Fake Toner

Some toner pirates won't scam you in this way, so when your toner arrives, you may feel vindicated. However, the toner that they send you won't be what you ordered. It is often homemade toner that is terrible for your machines. It can cause a lot of damage that has to then be repaired. Other toner pirates will put a premium label on generic toner. This can result in you getting far lower quality than what you ordered. And if it's a low-quality toner, it too can cause damage to your copier and require repairs to be made.

Toner Expires

There are toner pirates who sell off old, thrown-out toner stock as new. Toner comes with an expiration date, and that date should be heeded to make sure that your machines aren't damaged. Old toner may have dry flakes in it that gum up the works inside your copier. The toner may have separated and be hard to use. Or, the entire bottle of toner may be dried up and completely unusable. 

Better Toner

If you want high-quality toner that isn't expired, fake or imaginary, give us a call today to find out more. We can serve your toner needs with the toner you choose, every time. 

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