Storing and Managing Documents with a Document Management System


The old system of storing documents in giant filing cabinets comes with a lot of problems. And these days, many of those problems are related to security. However, the old system is also responsible for wasting time that no longer has to be used looking through cabinets for documents.

Creating Digitally

With a digital document management system, the documents you create stay in digital form. There is rarely a need in today's offices to print out a document and to save it in hard copy form. Today's technology allows you to present contracts to others and to have them sign it, all without needing to use a hard copy. Because so many documents can stay in digital form, there is no need to create and maintain a massive filing system in the office. Instead, the filing system is all digital and far more convenient.

Naming Systems

To keep the documents easy to retrieve later, the naming system that you choose for the files has to be a standard one across the entire company. When rules are put into place right from the beginning, the names of the files are standardized so that they can always be found later. This may include the department name, the client name, the date of the document, or anything else that will help your workers to find the right files. Make sure that every employee who creates documents knows how to name them and where to digitally store them.

Retrieval and Editing

With a company-wide naming rule, the resulting documents are easy to find. This allows them to be edited and saved easily. Editing files that have a hard copy to take into account can be an enormous headache, but it's far easier with digital documents. Not only can the changes be made quickly, but you can also track the changes so that everyone can see exactly what was changed, when and by whom. This system allows for easy accountability when each worker has their own password into the system for creating, storing, and editing documents.

If your company is ready for a digital document management system, contact us now to find out how to get started.

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