Strengthen Your Print Environment with Managed Print

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How do you know if your print environment is in need of help? There are a few specific things to look for--but once you've identified the problems, it's important to start focusing on the solutions. Luckily, managed print can help with both.

Analyzing Your Print Environment

Print environments are complex and unique, reflecting the needs and goals of their company--or, at least, that's what they should be doing. Sometimes a print environment is inefficient, poorly organized, or working off of outdated processes that waste time and money, and the worst part is that you might not notice it at first. The good news is that print solutions and managed print can help you not only identify problems but fix them too.

First things first, though: how do you know if your print environment needs some TLC? In weak or inefficient print environments, you'll notice:

  • cheap printers, when your company could be benefiting from better devices without breaking the budget;
  • too much color usage, because there are no procedures to help identify when the more expensive color-printing option is necessary;
  • too many prints, wasting time and money on extra or unnecessary prints;
  • security risks, like unattended documents left on the print tray,
  • an abundance of extra supplies, because a lack of replacement procedure encourages employees to buy more supplies even when they're not needed just so that no one runs out of consumables in the middle of a job,
  • and wasted time for the IT department, thanks to routine problems, small errors, and avoidable issues.

So what is the solution to these problems? The truth is that managed print can come into your print environment, catch these issues at their source, and provide solutions that fit your goals, needs, and budget--all while suggesting even more practices to keep you ahead of the game.

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