Three Ways Toner Pirates Try to Board Your Ship

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Toner pirates are nothing if not savvy. They've got multiple ways of trying to "board your ship" to steal information, trick your employees, or get you to pay for something you can't use. Here are three toner pirate tricks to look out for!

Know Your Enemy

Toner pirates are creative scammers who use toner-based tricks to get the better of you and your business. Unlike other types of scammers, they don't rely on tricky links or hacking your unprotected printers; instead, they make phone calls that, at first glance, sound pretty legit. That's why it's essential to arm your ship with tools like managed print to help keep track of what you did and didn't order--and, of course, it's always helpful to know your enemy.

Here are three ways toner pirates try to board your ship!

#1: The "Trojan Horse"

Toner pirates will call up your company, put on their friendliest voices, and try to convince you that they are your provider--sort of like a Trojan Horse. However, they'll ask you things your provider should already know--like what types of machines you have, who orders your supplies, and what your account number is.

#2: The "Strong-arm"

Another type of toner pirate scam to look out for is the forceful phone call, where toner pirates try to threaten or scare you into buying toner you don't need. They'll often say that the price of your toner is going up or that they can get you a special deal if you act right now.

#3: The "Phony Invoice"

If you ever receive an invoice for toner you didn't order, you're probably the target of a toner pirate. Don't be scared into paying these phony invoices!

Are you worried about toner pirates? Interested in using managed print to keep your company safe and efficient? Contact us today!

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