Time to Upgrade Your Office Printer? 3 Simple Signs


You don't spend a ton of time thinking about your printer. Why would you? It should be working, completing the functions your office needs, and generally not a device you need to think about.

However, your office may have issues with the printer you haven't fully realized, if you haven't taken a moment to consider the machine and the impact on workflow. Is your printer really operating efficiently and making work faster and easier on your team?

Office Printer Slowdown Signs

As you look at your print environment, here are a few common situations that mean it could be time for an upgrade. Be open to all possibilities, because a high functioning print environment means a productive office.

1. Lines at the printer

With your team waiting to print documents, for troubleshooting, or for supplies, you are losing tons of company money in time spent waiting for the machine. This is an easy fix - get ahead of wasted time with an efficient machine.

2. Repeated maintenance calls

If you're always talking to the service team or every time something is fixed another thing breaks, it's time to look at the big picture. A newer machine will work all the time, and you can invest in some advanced technology that will improve workflows as well.

3. Budget blowout

Every month, you have no idea what your print budget will look like because there are always unexpected costs - if this sounds familiar, let's get back on track. Upgrading can save a ton of money in service, surprise costs, productivity, and more.

A New Multifunction Printer Might be the Answer

Printing shouldn’t take excessive time or money from your organization. Let Da-Com help you answer questions, research upgrades, and learn more about how to make your print environment run smoothly with the right multifunction printer.

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