Tips and Tricks to Avoiding Toner Pirates


Toner pirates are out there, taking money from companies and delivering little or nothing in return. Here are a few tips for avoiding these pirates and getting the toner you need without the risk.

Avoiding Phone Sales

Many toner pirates operate by cold calling businesses and offering them good prices on toner over the phone. The problem is, they often deliver no toner or bad toner to those businesses. While it may seem like a good idea for your company budget to take these sweet deals, the end result is lost money. Never trust a seller who is only available on the phone and doesn't have an office you can visit. There's a good chance that a phone-only salesperson is a toner pirate.

Know Who You're Dealing With

If you get a cold call, or something in the mail, from a seller, be sure that you know who they are and who they work for. Check out the seller and make sure they are a legitimate seller with satisfied customers. If it's hard to tell, ask to visit their office and/or talk to some of their past customers. A legitimate salesperson will be happy to make that happen. A toner pirate will simply make excuses for not providing an office address and names of customer references.

Be Sure About Prices

Another key tell is the way they handle price quotes. Some toner pirates don't want to give you a price at all, intending to charge your card an amount much higher than normal later on. Others drop the price repeatedly over the phone to try to get your card numbers. Still, others will quote you a price that seems great, but they won't put that price into writing to give you any record or guarantee of it. If a seller is being iffy about prices and won't give you anything in writing, it is likely a toner pirate. 

If you want to avoid toner pirates and have a legitimate source for your toner, contact us today for all of your toner needs. We offer competitive prices and are happy to give them to you in writing when requested.

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