Tips to Avoid Toner Scams

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The name might sound funny, but the problem is real – “toner pirates” are working hard to scam offices out of money, steal data, and create recurring charges that go unnoticed while businesses don’t receive anything in return. It’s not an unrealistic problem, either.

In 2016, a $216 million telemarketing scam was busted for selling overpriced toner over the phone. The threat is real!

Inform employees about toner pirates and other possible scams to make sure the pirates don’t sink your ship!

Don’t Fall for These Tricks

The unsolicited phone call – getting a phone call selling toner is the number one way the scam works. Don’t buy into it.

The toner emergency – If someone calls and pretends to be out of supplies, at a different office, or otherwise needing help, hang up and call that location/employee/office manager to make sure. Everyone supports addressing a scam, so it won’t be an issue to follow up.

The pre-approval from management – Faking approval or previous conversations are ways that scammers convince people their product is legitimate. Don’t believe them, ask management yourself!

How to Know Toner is Legit

If you have a solid vendor, a real relationship, and good experience with the team, stick with it.

Also, how your needs are met, the customer service you receive, and doing a little research are all ways to make sure that everything is above board.

Take an extra minute to evaluate your security as well. It never hurts to make sure that you're protected, especially if your company is on the radar of scam artists.

Contact the Pros

The best way to avoid toner scam artists is to work with a professional team consistently, and maintain that toner partnership. We’re happy to work with your needs for timing, orders, and capacity so that you can trust the product you’re getting, and your vendor partner. Talk to us today.

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