Tips to Fix Your Multifunction Printer's Frequent Paper Jams


The multifunction printers in the office are there to make everyone's tasks easier. But when there is a paper jam, the machine may be out of commission until someone fixes the jam. To make sure that jam doesn't just happen again as soon as the printer is used, there are a few things to watch for. 

Guides Adjusted

There are guides on the side of the paper tray that keep the paper in place and help it to feed into the machine. Sometimes called fences, these guides can get knocked off course and end up leading the paper to enter the machine at an angle. When that paper enters the straight machine at an angle, you get a paper jam. To avoid having this happen again, check those guides, and make sure they are straight and in the right place to hold the paper. You may simply need to give them a little adjustment.

Check the Paper Type

Is the paper you are using recommended for your multifunction printer? Different types of printers use different types of paper, so make sure that the paper you are using is recommended by the manufacturer. This can be found in the guide that came with the printer, and it may be on the manufacturer's website. The wrong kind of paper may be too thick for the machine, creating a jam when it gets led inside. Also, take a look at the paper and make sure that it isn't being fed into the machine with creases or tears that can gum up the machinery.

Storing Paper

If your paper isn't stored correctly, it can become damaged and will create paper jams often. Proper storage includes keeping it from becoming created and storing it in an area without a high level of humidity. High humidity in the storage area causes the paper to swell, and this creates problems when it gets into the machine and the many rollers that have to handle it. If your storage area is humid, put a dehumidifier in the room to help with the room. A humidity gauge can tell you whether humidity is the problem where you store your paper. 

If your company wants to keep its multifunction printers in good working condition, contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

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