Toner Pirates are No Joke – How to Maintain Smooth Sailing


Toner pirates are part of the online, scam, and cybersecurity world. While the term is a little funny, it's not a scam issue that you want to overlook or be surprised by.

Protecting your business from threats and scams is essential, and sometimes means making employees aware of stranger aspects of a business that are ripe for scammers. One of these is office equipment and supplies because so many companies have kind of a haphazard way to deal with ordering and management of print and supplies.

Toner Pirates and Other Scams Explained

What are toner pirates?

Toner pirates are scammers that trick employees into paying fake invoices, excess charges, or other costs that aren't real.

They essentially steal money from your business by acting like you haven't paid for print supplies that frankly you never purchased. Or, the pirates will imitate your supplier and send endless charges and invoices. You'll see major costs and expenses on your payments (sometimes after a while) that don't add up or don't match what you are getting.

From faking supplies entirely to sending extremely low-quality toner, the toner pirates have lots of tricks that you don't want to be the target of.

Secure Your Business

The best way to secure your business is to build a good relationship with your supply company so that you know what's real and what's not. Also, training employees to see through scams and increasing cybersecurity and protections is helpful.

Just being aware of toner pirates can help you stay away from them and talk to the right kind of vendor.

Stay Away from the Pirates

The term is silly, but the threat is real. Toner pirates are a major office scam that can impact you and your teams negatively. Build a relationship with a vendor you trust – talk to Da-Com.

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