Toner Scams – Warnings and Risks


It seems like there is a scam for everything today, and businesses especially have to watch their backs. It's frustrating, but with some education and a little preparation, you can stay ahead of concerns.

Print environments are sometimes a major source of scamming because managers get frustrated with their print systems and just want to find an easy fix. First of all, managers should know that there is a solution for a stressful print environment, and it's print management.

It's critical to stay ahead of risks and issues though, so keep reading to be informed about what may come your way.

What Are Toner Pirates?

This silly name does refer to those who are trying to steal your money for fake or low-quality toner. Yes, toner pirates is a common term now for toner scams like selling rock-bottom prices on toner that you'll never receive, creating a ballooning monthly payment, or sending inadequate product to your business. Sigh, it's sad but true that toner pirates are real and may try to scam your business.

Warnings and Risks

Stay ahead of the concerns by educating employees and being proactive. Employees will recognize the red flags once they have a litte training. And don't be afraid to explain the risks of a scam to employees, either. If they understand what's at stake for the company, they are almost always more willing to bring up concerning contacts.

To recognize warnings and risks, you can:

  • Provide training for employees to mitigate scam calls
  • Create a functional print environment that covers your needs
  • Flag scammers or new efforts by toner pirates
  • Establish a firm process for ordering print supplies

Take a Stand

Go against the tricks by being prepared, educated, and aware of the risks. Call Da-Com to set up the functional print environment you need to protect yourself today.

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