Two Steps to Cashing In With Managed Print Services

Business leaders often underestimate the cost of printing, especially when print-related expenses aren't included in budget discussions. The problem lies mainly with hidden costs followed by a lack of structured methods for uncovering and tracking them.

How Much Are You Wasting?

Did you know that many companies spend as much as 15% of annual revenues on print-related costs? Even with paperless processes in place, few companies successfully reduce their print spend without outside help. Here's your two-step solution to begin saving now.

Step 1: Your Managed Print Assessment

There may be no easier or more efficient way to reduce operating costs than through Managed Print Services. Here's how your St. Louis organization could easily cut costs by as much as 30% a year.

  • Find out how much you spend on document printing, including by department and device. By finding out how much specific departments consume, you'll be well positioned to bring about positive change.
  • Do you know how many devices your St. Louis organization owns? Many companies have lost track of their fleet, but Managed Print can help bring things back under control.
  • An optimized fleet is in a better position to serve your needs. You'll eliminate redundant devices and relocate others to streamline workflows and reduce expenses.

Step 2: Ongoing Benefits Through Managed Print Offerings

Your Managed Print Assessment is just the beginning; from there you'll benefit from a host of customized solutions to reduce costs.

  • Automatic supply reordering eliminates messy inventory closets and wasted money.
  • By monitoring your devices, your Managed Print provider can dispatch service technicians to deal with issues long before they impact your productivity.
  • Managed Print solutions to protect sensitive documents means enhanced security for your organization and reliable assistance with print-related compliance mandates.

To find out how your St. Louis organization can stop wasting valuable revenues on print-related waste, contact us at Da-Com for a Managed Print conversation today.

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