Watch Out for Counterfeit Printer Supplies


Investing in printer supplies may seem easy or like a no-brainer. Cheapest is best. Wait, wait – that's not it.

That mindset has helped "toner pirates," selling scam toner and putting businesses in precarious security situations, to thrive and prey on any company that doesn't build a stable relationship with a vendor and knows where their toner is coming from.

Don't be fooled by these fakes! It can have severe implications for your entire business.

Caution When Purchasing Print Supplies

Today's world is full of hackers and spammers; we're sorry to admit. Knowing this is half the battle, though. That's also why at Da-Com, we encourage all customers to be careful in shopping for printer supplies or equipment and always vet an offer that seems too good to be true.

Getting scammed on print supplies can be costly, but it can also open your business up to serious security issues. Companies that are victims of scams can also become victims of data breaches, hacks, and cyberattacks because they became vulnerable through their interaction with the scam artist. Scary, but true!

Toner Pirates Best Tricks

The tricks that the toner pirates use are often selling shoddy quality merchandise, creating recurring charges without providing a product, and tricking companies into buying things they don't need.

Look out for these sayings:

  • "Your vendor is marking up prices"
  • "Your business doesn't need name brand"
  • "We'll put a credit card on file for you, so you don't have to think of it"
  • And any companies that contact you repeatedly instead of vice versa

Thwart the Pirates

Don't be at risk of fraud, and stay away from the fakes! Build a relationship with a vendor that you trust, by reaching out, checking testimonials and reviews, and asking questions.

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