What to Ask a Managed Print Provider

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Managed print is a delicate art. You need a perfect combination of machines, workflows, and solutions in order to maximize your success--but before you can achieve any of that, you need to find a managed print provider who can make it happen. Here are a few questions to ask a managed print provider before you make the final decision!

Choosing Wisely

The truth about managed print providers is that most of them want to see you succeed. The only difference is that some of them will work with you to get there, and others will just hand you a few pre-packaged solutions and send you on your way. In order to tell which managed print providers are going to be helpful, efficient, and capable of boosting your profit and your customer satisfaction ratings, it's important to ask these initial questions. This can help make sure you make the best choice possible.

  • #1: What do your print assessments look like?

Managed print assessments are designed to help a provider understand what you're doing well, where you're falling short, and how your print environment actually functions. If a provider can't give concrete, helpful details about their assessment processes, it might be time to move on.

  • #2: How do you integrate solutions?

Make sure that the managed print provider prioritizes smooth, efficient integration of new solutions. Awkward transitions can interrupt your workflows and seriously hurt your productivity in the beginning--so pay careful attention to the answer!

  • #3: Can you help us go green?

A managed print provider's eyes should light up at the mention of environmental friendliness. Ideally, they should want to work with you to improve your processes in a way that makes them both efficient and green, all without making any sacrifices.

These are just a few questions to ask a managed print provider. To learn more about finding the perfect print partner, contact us

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