What to Know About Toner Pirates


Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer--that's how the old saying goes. Today we'll do just that by raising our spy-glasses and taking a look at toner pirates: who they are, what they do, and how you can keep them from boarding your ship.

The Basics

It can be stressful to keep up with all the latest threats to your company's data, privacy, and budget, but the unfortunate truth is that staying informed is the best way to stay safe. That's especially true when it comes to toner pirates--modern-day scalawags whose idea of plunder is getting your business to buy low-quality toner at ridiculously high prices.

Here's what to know:

  • They're savvy. Toner pirates do their research so that they can convincingly impersonate your provider over the phone.
  • They're pushy. Pirates aren't known for being polite. These ill-mannered ruffians will try to bully or intimidate your employees into buying that low-quality toner.
  • They're cowardly. A toner pirate will almost always back down if you start loading the canons. Help employees recognize scam techniques and arm them with responses like, "Can I have your name?" or "Let me take down your number and I'll have our supply manager call you back."
  • They have a weakness. The good news is that, while toner pirates are a serious threat, they're no match for managed print services. With managed print, it's easy to keep track of your usage habits, supply orders, provider information, and more--which means that the only ones walking the plank will be the toner pirates.

Your company doesn't have to fall victim to toner pirates. Contact us today to learn more about managed print and other security solutions!

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