What is a Toner Pirate? And other Security Questions


Toner pirates are a major scare in today's print world. Laugh at the name if you must – even throw in a little pirate talk, 'Arrrggg…' but stay away from toner pirates, whatever you do! They do not sell a product that you want to buy.

Toner pirates are scam artists that take advantage of cash strapped companies to sell fake, useless toner or other products that don't do the job if they even arrive.

Don't fall for the tricks! If you're not already, build a relationship with a vendor, you trust for your office supplies. Then, you'll know who you are working with, the quality of the products, and you can trust the consistency and cost.

Printer Scams

Printer scams, in general, are becoming a more significant concern to businesses, and it's time that people are more aware of them. Take a minute to train your employees and discuss how to spot a scammer on the phone.

Often, they are selling something that sounds too good to be true, or they don't understand the questions you are asking them for followup.

Common Security Concerns

Scam artists are always major security concerns, but as they get trickier and more elaborate, it can be more of an issue.

Other security concerns with printer scams or toner pirates include:

  • Shady repair people
  • Useless supplies
  • Wasted maintenance requests
  • Ineffective toner or paper

Find Answers

With the right security partner, you can get answers to big security questions before you have a breach, a scam, or an issue. Reach out to Da-Com Digital Solutions with your questions.

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