What You Need to Know About Toner Scams

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In this day and age, it seems like anything could be an online scam--but you might not believe that this extends even to toner. That's right: there is a type of scam that targets businesses looking to buy toner. What do these scams look like, and how can you avoid them? Let's find out.

How Toner Scams Work

Since toner is one of those purchases that is regularly made and at a fast pace, most companies don't expect to run into any scams--especially since most digital threats target big-ticket victims, like those looking to buy computers or those with unprotected financial information. Unfortunately, it's this very feeling of safety that makes toner scams so dangerous. Scammers take advantage of the expectation that toner is a safe bet, calling up your employees and pressure them into making quick decisions--so here's what you need to know to avoid the traps.

Toner scams are aggressive.

While other scams are slower-paced and can work away at your defenses carefully, toner scams work on speed alone. The goal is to trick your staff members into making a purchase because it sounds like a good deal and to use clever tactics to make sure no questions are asked before the purchase is finalized.

Toner scams wear a lot of hats.

These scams are hard to recognize sometimes because they come in different forms. They may pretend to be your supplier, offer discounted toner or special deals, or even send you fake invoices made to look as official as possible.

Toner scams aren't impossible to avoid.

To escape these traps, it's important to understand the techniques of toner scammers and educate your employees on how to identify and ignore these tactics. Remember, if you choose a trustworthy supplier and work exclusively with them, plus keep a close eye on your purchases and orders, you're that much safer.

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