Who are the Toner Pirates?


To protect yourself and your company from the latest threats, you need to know what they look like. Today we'll introduce you to one big problem--toner pirates--and help you make sure these no-good scalawags end up walking the plank!

How it Works

To help you know what to expect from this unique scam, let's take a look at a day in the life of a toner pirate.

Step 1: Researching a victim

Our toner pirate gets up, grabs a cup of coffee, and goes to work researching a victim. He'll brush up on everything about the target company, finding everything from the brand of machines used to the names of managers and high-ranking employees.

Step 2: Making the call

Armed with all the right information, our toner pirate gets to work. He calls the target company, pretending to be from their supplier. He'll make up a story about how toner prices are going up, but since he wants to help out, he's offering to sell toner now while the cost is still low. This is where he uses all the information he discovered during his research, trying to sound reliable and knowledgeable. And that's all before lunch!

Step 3: Closing the deal

At the end of the day, our toner pirate will send out toner that either never arrives or is low-quality and almost useless. If the target company is unlucky, they'll fall for the scam and end up paying for that terrible toner with nothing to show for it.

That's the bad news. The good news is that toner pirates can be stopped if you know how to handle them. The most important tool you can have to repel boarders like these is managed print, which helps you keep a close eye on budgets, orders, and consumables so that you always know what you ordered (and what you didn't). With a little help, you can keep toner pirates at bay for good.

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