Why Bottled Water Doesn't Work for Your Office

people meeting in conference room drinking water

Providing water for clients, employees, and visitors is a classic hospitality move for many businesses. However, most businesses have seen the light and moved on from individually bottled water. Is your business up with the times on this?

Bottled water doesn't work for your office for many reasons, but let's face the main issue: cost. Don't over pay for more plastic to deal with, a bad reputation (not sustainable!), or additional waste. Prioritize hospitality solutions that work, like a purity source water filtration system.

Not totally sold? Here are the additional reasons why bottled water is not the answer.

Downfall of Single Use Plastic

It's no secret that single use plastics are bad for business, the environment, budgets, wildlife, and people. Don't put your head in the sand - just recognize that adding more single use plastics to your business operations is not the way to go, and move on to a purity source water filtration system. That was easy!

Simple Solutions for Sustainability

Sustainability doesn't have to be complicated, expensive, or inconvenient. Actually, for many businesses, going green is cheaper and easier than continuing a cycle of waste and overuse.

Same goes for water consumption - with an in-house filtration system, you'll have clean, purified water at your fingertips at all times. That's an employee benefit anyone is on board with.

Let's Fix This

There are solutions to waste, cost, and convenience issues like bottled water. At Da-Com, fixing this issue is easy and cost effective. Let's talk.

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