The Why's and How's of Choosing a Multifunction Printer for Your SMB


It's rare for an office to run these days without a multifunction printer. However, it can be tough to choose just the right one. Here are three things to consider when making your choice.

Printer Costs

One of the most important aspects for many companies is the price point of the chosen multifunction copier. However, that isn't the only cost involved in choosing the best office machine. The cost of operating a machine will vary from type to type and manufacturer to manufacturer. Regular maintenance, occasional repairs, ink, and paper are all expenses that will come up during the life of the printer. Talk to the dealer as well as doing online research to figure out the cost of ownership- not just the sticker price.

Machine Functions

Which functions does your office really need? It's easy to make a list of multifunction printer functions that might be useful, but does your office really need them? For most offices, there are a few core functions that would be helpful because they are functions that are already done by workers. Getting an office machine that can take care of those functions saves you clerical labor and adds to office productivity. Go around the office and note the clerical tasks that get done for a better picture of what your multifunction printer should have.

Improvements to Workflows

A multifunction printer can be used to make workflows go quicker by enabling more to be done in less time. Often, multifunction printers can do several functions at the same time, allowing for multiple workers to get clerical tasks done all at once. Before choosing a printer, take the time to study workflows and discover whether there is any room for them to be tighter and quicker with the introduction of a multifunction printer. Saving time on getting work done can add hours to the day without necessitating the hiring of more employees.

If your business is ready for a new multifunction printer, contact us today to find out about the best models on the market for your company's specific needs.

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